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Corporate Gifts  
Wouldn't you really prefer to differentiate your corporate gift buying and offer something a little more unique? 

Are you looking for unique gifts and products that'll surely differentiate your product sourcing approach for staff incentives and client gifts?  It may be anyone from the CEO who needs a gift or maybe a farewell, christmas or good work.

If you are shopping for flower arrangements or bouquets, you (and your wallet) will be delighted, and your recipients will be buzzing in amazement and wonder about the realism of our Hand Made Soap Flower Arrangements.

At the Gift Boutique our Soap Flowers look like beautiful fresh exotic flowers, and they even smell the part, only unlike the real thing, our soap flowers will last forever and can be made use of as you would with soap. You pick off a petal and wash your hands. It's hard to believe it's soap!!

Soap Flowers  don't need care or feeding, won't wilt, dry out, or die. No worries about allergic reactions to pollen.

Compete on Quality

You may want to emphasize the quality of what your business delivers  and stand out from your competitors by adding Hand Made Soap Flower Bouquets to welcoming  guests  that adds  additional value to your offerings.

We will have your Soap Flowers delivered to your door as soon as they are created. This means that you can have your  flowers and bouquets in your hot little hands months before! What a relief!

Whether you run a small or large hotel/motel chain  make your guests feel at home,  decorate your rooms with beautiful hand made Soap Flowers and leave an everlasting impression.

Soap Flowers not only look like the real thing but are scented as well  unlike silk flowers. They really must be seen to completely appreciate their level of beauty and realism.

The attention to detail is nothing short of amazing.. In my opinion, Soap flowers is defiately the best alternative to fresh flowers.

Soap flowers are guaranteed to never wilt or weep, no matter what the weather or how you may treat them. the petals will not bruise and they never need to be rehydrated. Redecorate with Soap Flowers.

It's no secret that Soap flowers outlast any fresh flower on Earth.

Why wouldn't you choose flowers that you can keep for a long time?


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 3D Gradiation Swarovski Bow Back Phone Case $199.99  $179.99 
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Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 products) Result Pages:  1 

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