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Baby Clothes Bouquet  

A Beautiful and More Lasting Alternative to Fresh Flowers!

2 Gifts In 1

The Gift Boutique knows that the best gifts are beautiful and practical. The Baby Clothes Bouquet  is both, making it the perfect present for every new parent

The Clothes Bouquet  offers two gifts in one - a unique bouquet of baby clothing which doubles as a decorative floral arrangement for new mothers and beautiful clothing for baby.

The Baby Clothes Bouquets is a blossoming selection of infant clothing presented as a bouquet of flowers that makes a unique gift for mums and dads in need of the essentials for baby. The Gift Boutique also has a range of 100% Organic Baby Clothes Bouquets 

Why Buy our Bouquets? Our Baby Bouquets are Unique when you compare them to others, the baby clothes are generously sized so mum can enjoy the bouquet before using it and the bouquets actually look like real flowers and are beautifully presented to be sure that you will leave an everlasting impression that you intended.

We also have a Kitchen Bunch Bouquet and the Garden Bunch Bouquet  great gifts for Food Lovers, Gardeners, Kitchen Tea, House Warming, Mothers Day, Grandmothers  Christmas or for any Occasion.



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 Baby Blooms Bib Doughnuts $39.99  $31.99 
 Baby Blooms Large Blue Bouquet $128.99 
 Baby Blooms Large Pink Bouquet $128.99  $103.19 
 Baby Blooms Organic Natural Cream Posy $104.99  $83.99 
 Baby Bunch Blue Premium Gift Basket $128.99  $103.19 
 Baby Bunch Bouquet Bucket $69.50  $55.60 
 Baby Bunch Premium Pink Gift Basket $128.99  $103.19 
 Baby BunchPremium Yellow Gift Basket $127.00  $101.60 
 Organic Baby Blooms Natural Cream Bouquet $134.99  $107.99 
 The Garden Bunch Bouquet $94.99  $75.99 
 The Kitchen Bunch $94.99  $75.99 
Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 products) Result Pages:  1 

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